Fiat ducato immobiliser fault

Fiat ducato immobiliser fault

Jump to page : First 1 Last. The transponder key is detected by a sensor that is around the ignition barrel, and since the proximity of the key to this is very critical and won't work more than about half an inch away from it I would suggest that external interference is unlikely. Not impossible but very unlikely. Keys do not respond well to being dropped, and this has been considered the most likely cause of the problem in the past.

Fiat Immobiliser Repairs

The emergency start procedure is for Diesels too and requires that you are in possession of the 5 digit immobiliser code. I have a credit sized card in my documentation which lists a 5 figure "Key Code" and a 7 digit Mechanical code. Compass Castaway on a Boxer 2. LOL 2 codes on itElectronic Code I shall wait eagerly to see your answer.

Minstrel - PM We have had the sa me problem with our 2. We went to the local Fiat garage, the pa rt was duly changed with no benefit at all. H aving lived for 3 or 4 years with the intermittent problem, once within a minute of b eing towed off the ferry, I'd l ike to offer some advice. In our opinion, the problem is caused by the poor q uality connectors that Fiat use. When you're travelling on bumpy roads, usually on the continent this may well loosen the connector enough for the engine not to start.

Chris keeps a screwdriver in the cab now and if necessary, he unscrews the cover behind the steering wheel and gives the unit a good waggle, usually does th e trick. Incidentally, when we first had the problem, we found somewhere on a forum that there is a n ambulance service in the south of England that always have their immobilisers removed before going into service.

Wooie - AM Thank You very much goes to both Nick and Allen. Recently upgraded our MH from last century to this century We didn't get any base vehicle Ducato handbook with the MH. So does anyone know if the "Emergency Start" procedure that you guys mention would also apply to a Ducato as venerable as our model, and if so, could anyone detail exactly what that procedure is please.

The 5 digit number is your immobiliser code and can be used to defeat the immobiliser in an 'emergency start' procedure. Be careful not to leave this card in your vehicle though! Not going to explain more because it should be fairly obvious! Many thanks All Rights Reserved. Company Registered in England no. GB You are logged in as a guest.

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Ask for free help. Search: Go. These categories may also be of interest Click here for Jaguar repair information. Click here to ask a question. Who answers the questions? How can I fix my Motorcycle? How can I mend my gas stove? Navigate toJump to page : First 1 2 Last. AliB - PM The procedure states, "turn the ignition key to MAR. Is it the same as the locked padlock light?

If so my light does not flash. Does anyone have the correct procedure to re enter the imobiliser code? Would one of these do the job? I don't mind spending that sort of money to get a bit of advance knowledge before committing the vehicle to a dealer.

There is a function that allows you to scan for attached devices. This comes up with ELM 1. Even although the device is ELM 1. It runs fine in simulation mode with just the scanner connected connected to the laptop. When connected to the vehicle the ignition was turned on after plugging in the ELMand then trying to connect from the software.

fiat ducato immobiliser fault

I notice within the literature there are 3 different type of adapter cables - same connectors different pin-outs. The correct cable would depend on whether I have a Ducato or the Ducato Facelift I still don't know how to ascertain which one I have. All Rights Reserved. Company Registered in England no.

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GB You are logged in as a guest. Forums Home. Search our Forums. Log in to the Forums. Register on the Forums. Treasured contributor Posts: Location: Leeds. After leaving the vehicle Ducato X 2.

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The dreaded Vehicle Protection System Failure warning light, the locked padlock, comes on and stays on. I have obtained the reset code from Fiat and they have given me a procedure to enter the code which seems to make no sense. I have also tried to check the gearbox earth strap but I am having difficulty locating it. Searching back through threads it seems it should be found on the right hand side looking into the engine compartment.Original Poster.

Search My Stuff What's New 3 12 24 Getting around the immobiliser. We have recently acquired an ebay special Fiat Punto for my daughter to drive and it came with one key. Given this, is it possoble for an auto electrician to fit a bypass switch somewhere within the car such that I can have a simple key cut to operate the lock and flick a switch to bypass the immobiliser? LarJammer 1, posts months. You can, however, get plain blanks cut, as many as you like, in Timpson's for example, then epoxy the coded key inside the column shroud near the ignition barrel.

It worked for me for a couple of years after my key broke in the door lock.

Fiat Ducato Peugeot Boxer Citroen Relay immobiliser problem

LordLoveLength posts 82 months. Doctor Volt posts 77 months. Great suggestions folks thank you - in answer to an earlier point, various key cutting companies checked and they cannot encode a key with this encryption, manufacturer only.

Cheers folks. Mr2Mike 20, posts months. I remember when these cars were new there was a big uproar about having to have the red key and apparently needing a new ECU if the red key was lost and more keys were needed.

fiat ducato immobiliser fault

Hi just seen the thread regarding your problem. I can confirm that it WILL work as i have done it on a number of fiats before. What i did was tape the original key to the immobiliser ring and then hide it behind the steering cowling around the column. Indeed th ex misses husband has been driving a multipla round like this for 4 years now long story You won't be disappointed.Related pages. Every day we get calls from people who are locked out or are having problems with their Fiat car or van and many of these problems are easily solved.

The list above is not exhaustive and they are just some of the many symptoms of immobiliser faults. At Eydens Locksmiths we are able to undertake immobiliser re-programming which means your Fiat car or van can work again without having to change your original locks and or keys.

Avoid the main dealer prices, call out Eydens. These regularly get corrupted when the vehicles are jump started and then will not start afterwards. We can make good a repair on these by sending us the ECU and immobiliser box. This saves the need to have a new immobiliser and keys done at the dealers at a fraction of the cost. The good news is that it can all be done by post if you are at a distance and want to fit it yourself or we can also call out to remove the ECU and Immobilizer box for you if you are within thirty miles of our workshop.

The symptoms of this problem are that the car does not start after flat battery or jump start and key light flashes. Your car key holds a transponder which, when inserted into the ignition, activates the immobiliser and allows fuel to the engine. Car keys are often thrown about and treated as a fairly robust tool, but damage the transponder and you have yourself a nightmare. Related pages Renault Immobiliser Repairs.

Getting around the immobiliser

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Common Fiat Immobiliser problems Every day we get calls from people who are locked out or are having problems with their Fiat car or van and many of these problems are easily solved. Call us now on and our wheels are rolling to you. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

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fiat ducato immobiliser fault

Register Remember Me? Members List Mark Forums Read. Hey there! Don't be shy, come join us! So what are you waiting for? Join the largest FIAT community on the web today! Join Date: Jun Immobiliser problem on Ducato motorhome. Hi, I have a Hymer motorhome based on the 2. The immobiliser has decided not to recognise the ignition key and at the moment it's stuck on my driveway. I've tried the both the slave and master keys and the engine cranks but won't fire and the CODE warning light on the dashboard stays on.

I've had a word with my mechanic and he's asked if anyone knows if there's a diagnostic socket on this engine. I've contacted a couple of Fiat main dealers and one said the socket is by the ECU and another said getting plugged up to the socket won't help.

They went on to say I need to force the memory through so I can get the vehicle started and then drive to the nearest Fiat garage, which is about 50 miles away. They can then apply to Fiat UK for the original code it can't be got from anywhere else!

Can anyone out there confirm this is the only way, or is there an alternative? Thanks, Peter. Hi, If your van is not common rail i. Om my van this had been done by a previous owner, so can't really advise on the procedure but this has been previously detailed on this forum; if interested you'll need to try a few relevant search terms as it was a while ago.

Join Date: Feb Have done a lot of early 2. If your system is the same, it can be bypassed, but requires some mechanical ability and dexterity. The Keycode Unit by the steering column talks to the fuel solenoid on the injection pump.

Remove any pipes, hosing, etc. Remove the 3 pin plug, the solenoid is secured with 2 tamper proof torx or hex screws sorry been a few years since I did one. Once these are removed the electronic section of the solenoid can be removed, leaving a standard fuel solenoid. The 3 pin loom plug has wires from ignition, earth and KCU. Located the ign wire live with key onconnect this to the fuel solenoid.

The KCU box under the dash can be disconnected. Note: vehicle security has now been compromised, the van can now be started without a coded key.

Join Date: Jan Join Date: Dec The Fiat Ducato Peugeot Boxer Citroen Relay suffer from immobiliser problems, especially the earlier models between Mostly but not always these problems will occur when the vehicles battery has been flat, disconnected or jump started.

As specialists in immobilisers we have the experience and equipment to correctly diagnose the problem and either repair your system or program new components. We have locksmiths covering the Cambridge area, and have a Smart car keys and immobilisers have problems, either the We offer replacement car keys for all makes and models Locked out of your car in Bishops Stortford and need We can supply, cut and program keys for the Landrover We are mobile specialist car locksmiths, and we can gain Lost Car Keys are car locksmiths so we are specialists As car locksmiths we provide car keys for all makes, We offer fully mobile specialist auto locksmith services throughout Hertfordshire Easter bank holiday weekend is over and we have been We can supply and program Renault key cars including Renault We can supply, cut and program Ford car keys We are vehicle locksmiths and we can supply cut and Previous Post Previous.

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